CrossMusiq just dropped his free Beat Mixtape on the 01 October 2019 @ AudioMack titled 2AM Beat Mixtape which features 10 Untagged Super Mastered Beats.

Promo Video for Beat Mixtape by CrossMusiq

Click here to preview Mixtape > 2AM Or link

How do you Describe you Style?

“My style is for the future fellas, its describes my feelings in every instrument that sings and tells a story,My style is Fun to listen too, it motivates people,i share the power of love with my music, that is why I make it a point my music is well in quality and professional production for good hears to learn how it’s done.

My style is me in every moment of every minute it plays a single Beat/Drum.”

Click here to preview Mixtape > 2AM Or link

Do you allow people to record on you beats?

“No, even though my beats are untagged, you’ll need a confirmation from me to use them. So I’ll give you my rights to schedule your recording.

My mixing is rear Highest Quality in the Game and I prefer to listen to your old songs to hear that you will fit these beat, not everyone can fit only prprofessional musician can ask for a request to use my work.”

What is your plan after this?

“Truly speaking I would like to release more beats on Audiomack to grow my targeted market, maybe do a beat show where every beat maker can showcase beats for rappers and Rnb singers.Iam gonna release more beats and feature musicians on my beats.”

Do you Sell or How Much Do you Charge for beats?

Yes I do sell beats, i sell for a cheap price of 50USD per beat.

Click here to preview Mixtape > 2AM Or link

Contact Info:

FB – @RealCrossMusiq

Tw – @CrossMusiq

New Style by @CrossMusiq

Displaying the “NWO” New World Order dressing

CrossMusiq interview with us “iam going for the kill with my new beat Mixtapes, he also mentioned that “Some of the people I worked with say; I shouldn’t publish this Mixtapes for anyone for free use” clearly the beats, mixing and mastering made his colleagues crazy with the production of 2AM Beat Mixtape by CrossMusiq.


“The Beat Tape will be uploaded for free use, I was thinking of none targeted beats for all but to think again people will steal my staff and never pay for what they use”

In general factors all artists, Famous or underground killed the culture by building a lot of studios which produce low quality for radios, CrossMusiq Beats are fresh for radio as they are mixed for radio and public performance.

He says he sells beats to potential buyers with high standard quality vocals and is also looking to work with more artists in the music business underground or famous artist’s


“It is a world of connected chains of beautiful Instruments and melodies. music connects the world with one language, it sees no colour nor discrimination. It can turn the world into a harmonic beautiful peaceful place.”

The entrepreneur with no fear of failure. (inspirational words)

Greed kills us all, why not look for one specific thing before the next.

  • Production phase is when you make the beat
  • Mixing is when you channel mix down
  • Mastering is for complition.

Learning takes time to master different elements, give yourself time to do your work properly, for the fruits will grow.

CrossMusiq Dropping Soon!!


CrossMusiq is Dropping His Double 2019 mixtape’s soon!

First to Drop

Mixtape: 2:00AM

Length: 44mins 10items

01 – Sniper mode

02 – Beyond the love

03 – Slay Queen

04 – Sexy move

05 – When it’s Dark

06 – Soul Mates

07 – Molla

08 – Demons & Monsters

09 – Be Yourself

10 – Friend Zone

All beats are produced and mixed by CrossMusiq these beats will be free for the public to listen.

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FB – @RealCrossMusiq

Tw – @CrossMusiq

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